For the basket handles, I used Sour Patch straws rather than pipe cleaners.

For the first time in since they were born, neither daughter was home for Easter. I might have been sad but Older Daughter was in Rome on vacation and having a great time, and Younger Daughter was in So Cal with her boyfriend’s parents hosting several fun events.
So, for the first time in 25 years, we didn’t color Easter eggs, we didn’t assemble baskets full of goodies for the girls, and, of course, Sweet Husband and myself were together and alone in the Empty Nest.
Also a tradition every year is Easter Basket cupcakes. That tradition I didn’t fore-go because we were invited to some friends’ house on Saturday night and their grandchildren would be there. So I made my traditional Easter Basket cupcakes, and I made some Chick-a-dee cupcakes too. They were a hit. I found the Chick cupcake idea on the Betty Crocker website. You just color the icing yellow and then shake a bit of coconut with a few drops of yellow food color in a ZipLoc baggie. The eyes are chocolate chips and the nose is a little triangle of orange slice candy (of which I ate several).

On Easter Sunday, Sweet Husband and I went to church and the sanctuary was so crowded that we had to sit apart. Another first. But it was okay because the music was wonderful and the sermon was the story of when the resurrected Jesus appeared by the sea to several of the disciples who fished from a boat. After bringing the boat in Jesus hosted a breakfast for them, grilling fish and bread on the beach.

Coconut colored yellow with chocolate chip eyes and sugared orange slice beaks.

I sent the girls a text of the photo of the Chick Cupcakes with a note: I miss my Chicks this Easter!

One thought on “Chick-a-dees!

  1. Kendall

    Aw, I hate that I had to spend Easter away from home! We will make up for it when I’m home this weekend for Mother’s Day. PS I love your chick cupcakes…they are so cute!


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