The nails of Texas

OPI Texas Nail Polish

OPI nail polish is the best. Besides the fact that it hardly chips and that the colors are always great, I just love the way they market their colors. Each season they come out with a color scheme theme. One year it was London and my favorite color from that group was “Double Decker Red.” Another theme was Mexico. All summer long my toes were painted “My Chihuahua Bites.”

So now OPI has introduced its Texas theme. Oldest Daughter sent me a link about it. So clever. Now everyone in Texas will be running out to buy this Texas themed nail polish. Well, except Dallas girls. Apparently they are all in a tizzy because OPI didn’t name a polish after Big D.

The names they did choose are so cute. I wish I had been on the team to come up with them, although I’m not sure I could have come up with anything better. I think the Houston one is the most clever – “Houston We Have a Purple.” If I had been on that naming team I might have mentioned some really dominant colors of Texas, like Bluebonnet blue and Indian Paint Brush red. Here’s what they came up with for their Spring/Summer 2011 line of nail polishes:

San-Tantonio (Honey tan); Y’all Come Back Ya Hear? (Texas tangerine); Gal meets Galvestion (Engaging Coral); Big Hair…Big Nails (Rosy Blush); I Vant to Be A LoneStar (Starry Silver Blue); It’s Totally Fort Worth It (Shimmering Lavender Grey); Austin-tacious Turquoise (Bodacious bluegreen); Don’t Mess with OPI (Lean, Mean Kick-grass Green); Too Hot Pink to Hold’em (A hot pink winning hand); Do You Think I’m Tex-y (Berry); Houston We Have A Purple (Galactic Violet); Suzi Loves Cowboys (Rich Campfire Chocolate).

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