Sofa Table Turned Credenza

Sometimes you see a piece of furniture, and you just know there’s a place for it in your home. That’s how I felt about this table.

I wasn’t big on the knotty pine and the top had some deep scratches, but I knew it was meant for my house. And for $35 —well yeah!

So I get the table home and I study it for a couple of weeks. My first thought was to use it as a sofa table. It would fit beautifully behind our tall, camel back sofa. But I really didn’t need a sofa table. What I needed was a credenza behind my desk. But the measurements were very specific.

Of course, this was one of those MTB (meant to be) things. The measurements were perfect, within an inch. Plus, I desperately needed that extra table-top and storage space in my office.

So how should I finish it? My first thought was to paint it red like my office walls. Raspberry Truffle (Benjamin Moore) is the most gorgeous red. But then I realized if it was red and sitting against a red wall, well that wouldn’t work. So then I thought I’d paint it black and stain the top a dark wood. That seemed like a good idea.

So I stripped the table top, sanded down the rest of the table and wiped it with a deglosser. Once the table top was down to the wood, I stained it. And then I stained it some more. And then some more. But it wouldn’t take the stain. Okay, Plan B. I painted the entire table black.

I thought the handles would need to be replaced, but after polishing them up really well, they were MTB with the table.

Here’s the final table. I love it.



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