Shower power

Everything about a shower is good. There’s nothing like a quality shower head to make a hot shower more satisfying. For years Sweet Hubby and I have searched for the perfect shower head. Traveling around the country, we have written down the names of shower heads that we liked at various hotels. We’ve tried WaterPik, Moen, and Kohler. Once I ordered a $75 shower head from one of those airline catalogs. The catalog claimed it was a true hotel shower head, but sadly it wasn’t. We didn’t like it at all.

All that said, a couple years ago I took a photo of a shower head (in a hotel) that was really excellent. It was a Speakman AnyStream. These are the best shower heads made, in my humble opinion. Sweet Hubby and I still talk about the joy of our showers

Simple Pleasures are the Best!

What’s better than a hot shower?

now that we have this shower head. I have recommended these shower heads to lots of people. When the girls move into a new apartment, the first thing Sweet Hubby does is go to Home Depot and get them a “real” shower head.

Ours is the Anystream Classic Hotel shower head. I think we paid about $45 for it at Home Depot. What I always say is that “Simple pleasures are the best.” Regardless, a good shower is a simple pleasure!

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