Last Look Mirror

Remembering back when Older Daughter graduated from college and started her first “real job,” we helped her move in a cute, tiny apartment near downtown Dallas. As we were hanging pictures, she mentioned that she’d like to hang a mirror in the entry way. We agreed that a mirror would look really nice in the space above a small entry hall table.

I told her, “I’m on it.” In no time I had salvaged a mirror from a local thrift shop, painted the frame and whisked it to Dallas. She hung it in the empty space. It was perfect.

A few months later when I was at her apartment, we were headed out the door, and I noticed she took a last look in the mirror, checking her lipstick, hair, etc. From then on we called it the “last look” mirror, for that last look you take when you head out the door.

Many times, I wish I had taken a last look before I headed out the door. Often I’ve had a chive in my tooth, really needed lipstick or had no idea that the glasses I often wear on my head had tussled my hair into the perfect birds nest. Since I generally go out to my car through the laundry room, I have decided I need a “last look” mirror on the wall that leads to the garage.

As well, Older Daughter now needs a different last look mirror for her new apartment. The configuration of the new place makes it impossible to use the bigger mirror from the last apartment. She has repurposed it in another place.

So I’ve been on the hunt for last look mirrors. Small ones, round ones, square ones, rectangle ones. Five dollars is the most I’ve spent.  I intend to paint and give one to Older Daughter, to Younger Daughter and whoever else wants one.

In a future post I’ll show the afters.



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