All welled up!

What is wrong with choking up when you say, read or see something that is emotional? You know the feeling, your heart beats fast and your throat feels like it’s going to close up. You sort of lose your voice and you must look away to gain your composure, hoping the water that has filled your eyes won’t spill over and run down your cheeks.

Wednesday of this week, new Speaker of the House John Boehner choked back tears as he promised “transparency, greater accountability and a renewed focus on the Constitution” during his tenure. A couple of times he choked back tears when talking about his background, growing up in a working class neighborhood in Cincinnati, OH, and living the “American Dream.”

But wouldn’t you know it, a whole host of media folks have poked fun at the new Speaker. The New York Timesheadline is “John Boehner and the Politics of Crying.”   
Yahoo News calls 2011 The Year of the Tear, in its article“>”The Weep in Review: American Men Tear Up in 2010.”

Okay so he’s a cryer. Not a bad thing. It shows that he is committed and truly cares. I’m a bit tired of slick, emotionless politicians.

I choke back tears all the time, especially when I’m reading something touching. Last week I was a total bawler reading all the coverage of the TCU Horned Frogs winning the Rose Bowl. Both the LA Times and the Fort Worth Star Telegram provided some outstanding coverage, much of which brought on the waterworks.

When I was a kid, my grandma used to say that she got “all welled up.” You don’t hear that much any more, welled up. Just guessing, does welling up come from back when my grandma got their water from a well? When the tears come, it’s almost like the well within our soul is touched and up comes the bucket full of tears.

Okay enough of that.

Best wishes to the new US Congress and hopes that they can make some real progress.

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