Skirting the ugly sink!

As you may know, we’ve been working across the miles on Youngest Daughter’s apartment in So Cal. It’s been a challenge living more than 1,500 miles a part, but we have made do.

If ever a sink needed a skirt…

When she first found her little apartment, one of the first worries was the bathroom. The tub was dirty and the entire bathroom was grubby. The old wall-mounted sink and the mirror above it were yucky. Plus she needed storage. When this bathroom was built there was no such thing as a blow dryer, flat iron or hot rollers. Where would she put all these things?

She suggested that perhaps she could put a basket under the sink, but again, that would make the ugly little bathroom look uglier. She told me her first thought was to add an old-fashioned skirt around the sink. I thought that was a fine idea.

When I was out there helping her move in, we didn’t have time to do much work on the bathroom aside from cleaning the awfully stained tub. Arriving home, I agreed with her, a sink skirt would solve a lot of problems and give the little ugly bathroom some needed love.

Using some left-over fabric, I sewed up a skirt based on measurements my daughter texted. It fit perfect!

Playing on the shabby chic concept, we decided on a redo that would involve black and white and blue accents, playing up the blue in the tile around the bath tub. She texted me the measurements of the sink — from wall to wall around it and from about one inch below the rim to the floor. Using some fabric I had in my scrap bin, I pieced together a skirt using white broad cloth and a black and white lattice print. I made the skirt so it could be taken off and washed. When we traveled out to So Cal last month on business, we took a little detour up to Pasadena to give the bathroom its much needed makeover, including a sink skirt.
The pictures tell the rest of the story.

A shelf repurposed from her previous apartment kitchen provided needed storage in the tiny bathroom. Ironwork used in a previous apartment was used above the door and the shelf as an extra accent!

I found this little medicine cabinet/towel holder at a thrift store. One coat of black spray paint and a new knob was all it needed. I had a mirror cut for the door. (It had held a needlepoint previously.)
I didn’t bring a sewing machine, so Stitch Witchery to the rescue in making the little valance in the shower. It was nice the cornice had a curtain rod already installed. She could use a new shower curtain, but until then we just added black trim to this $5 white one we found at Target.

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