Just decorate it!


ED's sorority dorm room

Every inch of space in OD’s dorm room in the sorority house was decorated





So I’m not interior

designer and neither are my daughters, although we love the art and science of decorating. We aspire to create rooms that are comfortable, functional and just a bit out of the ordinary. And we will decorate any space, no matter how small. An example: One time our built-in microwave went on the blink. The appliance guy had to remove it and take it to the shop for a couple weeks until a part came in to make it work. For a couple of days I stared at the empty hole above the oven.

Then I brought a pot of ivy from the living room to give the hole some life. Next I added a ceramic rooster and then a colorful stack of cookbooks. Sweet Hubby came home from a trip and noticed: “You decorated the hole!” Until the microwave came back and was re-installed he would show anyone who came by that I had decorated the hole.

But I digress.

For several years now, one of the best pleasures I have had is helping my daughters decorate their dorm rooms, college apartments, first apartments, second apartments. In some cases, those dorm rooms were just a bit larger than our infamous microwave hole.

In the beginning, our effort to decorate their spaces mostly involved curtains and duvet sets, maybe a rug here or a framed poster there. But as their spaces improved so did their tastes, and eventually, their budgets.


One of Younger Daughter’s college apartments was so tiny you sort of fell into the room.

I remember one semester when Eldest Daughter (ED) was studying abroad. After returning she would be moving in her first college apartment. Most of the apartment’s spaces had already been decorated by the roommates, but she would have her own room to do up. And that we did. During the entire time she was away, I would take photos of things I had seen at stores like TJs, Marshalls and Ross and email them to her. She’d give me the yay or nay. When she got home, I had amassed a stack of stuff for the apartment. Then together we found a thrift shop bedroom suit and gave it a new life with a coat of paint and new hardware. We  sewed curtains, combined two comforter sets and came up with a cute and chic bedroom on the cheap!

I wish I had a photo of the decorated hole. It was classic.

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