The ugly kitchenette makeover

I  love to see before and after (B&A) photos of just about anything. To prove that, I’m going to show you the most incredible B&A in which I’ve ever been associated.

A couple of months back, Youngest Daughter (YD) rented an apartment in Southern California. Amazingly, it was in a great, safe area and it was affordable. Now the aesthetics, not so good. But you know the old adage: Location, location, location. We can make it cute I told her. Then she sent me the photos of the place. I started doubting myself at that point.

A pitiful little “kitchenette”

I stared at the photos she sent me of the ugly little kitchen. She said the landlord called it a kitchenette. I didn’t know what to call it.

For three solid weeks leading up to the trek to California with a U-Haul full of her stuff, I thought about that unfortunate little kitchenette. She suggested that a pot rack would help with the lack of cabinet space, and I thought she needed some sort of shelving unit over the sink. But the biggest issue was color. She asked the landlord if she could paint and he said, “Have at it.”

Isn’t this amazing?

So not only did we arrive in California with a U-Haul full of furniture, I also brought along everything we would need to transform that pitiful little kitchen in just one day!

We started with a quart of Behr paint – it’s Home Depot’s house brand. The color is Cloud Burst (490F-5) — a greenish-blue color. Using that paint chip, we found a few matching accessories that she already had and we acquired a few more at Ross and TJ Maxx. The bar stools were hand-me-downs from my Mom’s lake house. Before we left for California, I painted them the same color that we would paint the wall.

Before & After

I found the pot rack at Hobby Lobby on sale for $19.99, and the spice rack/shelving unit over the sink was procured at a thrift store for $9.99. The prints above the sink she and I got in Paris (yes, France) a few years back.

Also note that we took down the patterned room divider. It was warped and falling down anyway. Taking it down opened up the room and cured the kitchen of its chronic claustrophobia.

Other low-cost changes included new knobs for the cabinets (from grungy, black, hammered iron to oval shaped brushed stainless); repainting the white portion of the bar area (adding vinyl shelf paper) and finishing it off with a colorful rug that just fit and tied all the colors together! Amazing don’t you know!

What did we spend? About $125, give or take!

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