Chalk It Up!

Okay, so I have climbed aboard the chalk board paint bandwagon.

But really, I was using chalkboard paint years ago, before everyone got all crazy about chalk board painting everything in their lives.

Five years ago, I made a chalk board for Younger Daughter’s college apartment. I stumbled on a huge frame at a thrift store. At Home Depot, I had a piece of board cut to fit, and then painted the board with a couple of coats of chalk board paint. It looked great.

I envisioned all of the roommates writing notes like: “We are out of milk and bread.” Or “I’m at the library, be home at 10.” Or “Let’s all have breakfast on Saturday.” But apparently, it was not a good idea to give college kids chalk and a chalk board. The chalk board soon became R-rated, known as a place to draw pictures and write things that would make a mom blush. Ahhh, but I digress.

After our new countertops were installed, I went crazy organizing my kitchen. I wanted every drawer, cabinet and even the fridge to look as good as the counters. So I gutted the place and got rid of everything I didn’t need or use or that was cracked or broken. Then I started in on the pantry.

My first thought was to go spend $200 on all new containers. I envisioned those beautiful clear ones with the white tops. But then I remembered I had a can of chalkboard paint out in the garage and decided to see if I might be able to dress up some of my old, 28-year-old Tupperware.

Yep, sure did. What do you think?



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