All That Glitters…

A couple of weeks back, I received a text with this photo: “Look Mom, I glittered my key.”

Of course I cracked up. Oldest Daughter had glittered her house key. Why did that not surprise me? The next day I met her for lunch in a little town half way between our houses to give her the dog to keep while we were away on business. First thing I asked was, “Can I see the key?”

She had it right there, all cute and sparkly.

How did she get the idea? Pinterest, of course.

How did she do it? Well, apparently she coated the top portion of the key with regular white glue and then sprinkled on very fine glitter. When it was dry enough, she did the same to the other side. When both sides were dry, she painted on a few coats of clear fingernail polish. After drying overnight, the key was good to go. I held it in my hand and there was no residual glitter.

Anyway, glittered keys are so cute. What else could be glittered in this fashion? Wouldn’t it be cute to buy some cheap, old silverware and glitter the handles in the same manner? Maybe do a couple of place settings in all different types and patterns. They would set a cute Valentine’s Day table, glittered flatware. In that same theme, I guess you could also glitter the base of cheap wine glasses.

Just imagine!


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