Self control fatigue

George Will is a Washington Post columnist whose work appears in our local paper. Sweet Hubby reads him all the time. I read him when Sweet Hubby says he has a good column. Will’s columns require extreme concentration, as he definitely considers his audience to be college professor and above. Sometimes I have to read a sentence twice, or even look up a word, to assure I got his meaning.

 Regardless, his January 7 column provoked a lot of thought about self control and personal will.

Essentially the column gives a break to those who have already disbanded their New Year’s resolutions. We can all blame our lack of willpower to lose weight or change our eating and drinking habits to “self control fatigue.” I guess that means we blame our inability to keep resolutions on being too tired to exhibit self control.

I do not make New Year’s Resolutions any more although I do like the idea of January as a month to get organized, clean out closets and start the new year fresh. Pretty much, January is a dull month anyway.

It’s sort of annoying in January to see our classes at the rec center filled up with faces I’ve never seen and space so cramped we can barely follow along without hitting each other. By March the classes will be back to normal size again, with maybe one or two new faces among all us regulars. I guess that’s the element of self control fatigue Will discusses.

One thing I’ve noticed is that while some people can really make progress with a New Year’s Resolution, there’s nothing like a wedding to encourage self improvement. Several people I know have used their child’s upcoming wedding as motivation to lose weight, get fit and even get a shot of Botox in order to look their best for the big event.

I hope our daughters will give us advance notice if they decide to tie the knot any time soon. I have a feeling I could control my self control fatigue in that event, minus the Botox. I just don’t think I could have poison injected in my face.

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