Oh Baby!

The Gerber baby…

Well it’s that time of the year when the Social Security Administration releases the top baby names for the year. Before I looked at the list, I said to myself: I bet Emily is on the list of girls. Yep. I was right.  Here are the names and my totally random comments.

1. Jacob (while I haven’t read the Twilight books, I’m supposing this name is even more popular due to this character.)
2. Ethan (I like Ethan Hawke.)
3. Michael (yawn)
4. Jayden (Will Smith’s son’s name. Cute.)
5. William (As in Prince William — please don’t call him Billy)
6. Alexander (If you are going to call him Alex, name him Alex?)
7. Noah (There are many Biblical names this year. Aside from the guy who built the Ark, the name Noah makes me think of the movie The Notebook, which makes me think of the cute actor who plays him, Ryan Gosling.)
8. Daniel (Do not call him Danny. Please.)
9. Aiden (I like this name. I liked the character named Aiden in Sex in the City. Carrie should have married him.)
10. Anthony (yawn)
1. Isabella (I think this is due to those vampire books again. It’s cute though.)
2. Sophia (Not one of my favorite names. It could be shortened to Sophie, which would just be wrong.)
3. Emma (Goodness this has been up there for a long time, ever since Jennifer Aniston’s character Rachel, on Friends, named her baby Emma. I guess now there is a young star — maybe in the Harry Potter or those Vampire movies — named Emma. And maybe another popular, young actress.)
4. Olivia (My niece is named Olivia. A neighbor kid is named Olivia. It’s an elegant, vintage name that is now popular again. Just don’t call the child Libby. Please.)
5. Ava (I like this name a lot. It’s elegant.)
6. Emily (There may just be one too many girls named Emily these days.)
7. Abigail (This is a strong name but it would bother me if it was shortened to Abby.)
8. Madison (I like this name a lotbut I also see a lot of dogs named Madison.)
9. Chloe (Not there for me. One of my girls had a Cabbage Patch doll named Chloe.)
10. Mia (This is a newcomer to the list apparently. I like Mia brand shoes. The only other Mia I can think of is Mia Farrow.)

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