Something to celebrate!

In Texas, it’s a huge day for bars and restaurants. College kids are generally taking or finishing final exams on this day, so that age group celebrates the day with gusto. Also, I noticed in Time Magazine, a list of the Top 10 Drunkest Holidays in the US. While I’ve never seen such a list, it reminds me of the annual Top Party Schools list compiled each list. ED went to a school that often makes that list. YD went to a college that probably has never made the list, but it might in the coming years as it’s sports victories increase!

All that aside, here is Time’s list of the Top 10 Drunkest Holidays. Some of them are surprising.

1.      New Year’s Eve

2.      St. Patrick’s Day

3.      Thanksgiving Eve (this was surprising to me)

4.      Cinco De Mayo

5.      Purim (Jewish Mardi Gras, apparently)

6.      Derby Day (really?)

7.      Fourth of July

8.      Halloween

9.      Mardi Gras

10.   Super Bowl Sunday

Okay that’s my trivia for today.

For our Cinco De Mayo celebration, Sweet Husband and I are going to Austin to Whole Foods Market to buy goodies for the weekend. While there, I think I’ll  have some fish tacos to celebrate the event. But I always have fish tacos when I go to Whole Foods. They are a celebration in themselves.

Happy Cinco De Mayo!


May 5 is Cinco de Mayo!