I’m a person whose mind works overtime. I worry, I fret, I dwell on the small stuff. I have a zillion ideas, few of which I really ever act on. The idea of blogging has always intrigued me. My hope is to calm my over-active brain cells and do some good in the process. My goal is to inspire myself and those who read this blog to forge ahead. Make life better. Pray. Be nice. Think. Live. Learn. Love. Do the right thing. Think like Nike: just do it!

For the sake of privacy, I’ve named this blog a pseudonym for my real name. Most people I talk about in this blog are my family and friends, but again, I’ve given them pseudonyms to protect their privacy.

As for me, I’m a writer and editor from Texas. I’ve never written anything prolific, although sometimes I think I’m capable of it, and sometimes I don’t.

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