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A Tale of Three Tables and a Chest

It’s my thought that you just can’t have too many tables. End tables, bedside tables, side tables, little tables, tall tables — they all come in handy to fill those empty spaces in our rooms. This summer, I ran across three tables that needed a home and some love. I found two of them at my favorite thrift store and one at a church garage sale. At the church garage sale I also found a neat little chest that I knew would be perfect for Oldest Daughter’s bedroom. She needed a table with a narrow depth to go under a mirror. She uses the mirror to apply her make-up in the mornings. The chest would be perfect as the dimensions were right and the drawers could hold all her cosmetics.

Okay so back to the tables. One was round and squatty and would be a perfect bedside table for my niece. One was tall and thin and would be a perfect for my nephew’s room. And the last one, Older Daughter put dibs on for her living room.

For all three tables and the chest, the color of choice was black, semi-gloss paint. I applied four coats of latex polyurethane to the tops of the tables for durability.

But the chest offered a challenge.  I couldn’t find handles that worked. (The original handles, one of which was broken, were inset within routed circles.) I couldn’t find any type of pull to fit the holes and cover the circles that had been cut out for the previous handles. Then I remembered these little round pull handles I had taken off another chest that I use as a printer stand in my office. Amazingly they fit the holes perfectly. But they still weren’t right.  The brass handles just didn’t work.

So a little silver Rub & Buff to the rescue. Perfect! Knowing Older Daughter was going to use it as a make-up chest, I lined the drawers in black and white scrapbook paper. Out of newspaper, I made a template of the top of the chest and took it to the local mirror and glass store. They cut glass top that makes for easy dusting and cleaning.

So that’s the story of three tables and a chest.


Coupon Love

I was up in the attic looking for something and found this little Valentine’s candy box.

I was fuzzy on why I had held onto an empty candy box, but I knew it must contain something special since there was a little tag on the top of the box labeled “Mom.” It was full of coupons, of the homemade variety, made by Youngest Daughter, for me for Mother’s Day.

Looking at the writing, I’m guessing she was about 10 or so. I love the fact that the coupons never expire. The first coupon cracks me up: “I will let you lay out my clothes.” But there’s a caveat with that coupon. This coupon was only usable for one night.

To this day, Youngest Daughter is still very particular about what she wears and “her style.” Through the years of her growing up, she was very partiular about what she wore. Sometimes when we are shopping I’ll show her a dress or some shoes and generally I get this response: “Not my style.”

Also note the coupon for me to redeem that she would make her own lunches for a week. I don’t think I ever redeemed that one, but I do remember making thousands of lunches through the years. Youngest Daughter didn’t like too much variety in her lunch. PB&J, Doritos and a cheese stick. She would buy milk and ice cream at school.

I remember how tired I got of making lunches. I loved the days that the girls circled on the menu what they liked and would eat in the cafeteria. But those days were few and far between. Today, I would jump at the chance to make their lunches. Interesting how something I once got so tired of doing, today would be an honor. Time changes things like that.

I really like the last coupon. It’s blank. I can write my own coupon. I haven’t redeemed that one yet either. But I think I’m going to do so soon.